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Tylar Bryant - Stay Wild Single

Release Date: October 22 2021




Known for his charismatic stage presence, electric live performances, and infamous beer showers among his audiences, onlookers would never expect Tylar Bryant to be anything but a country music entertainer.  Quite the contrary. 


Former MMA fighter Tylar Bryant changed his career path to pursue a passion that caught him completely by surprise. He laid down his gloves to pick up a songwriter’s pen and a guitar. A trip to Music City Tennessee spawned the unexpected change of plans.


“I came to Nashville as a fan in 2013. We took a tour of the Ryman Auditorium, and a sensation came over me;

I was covered with goosebumps. We saw Keith Urban rehearsing and a voice inside my head said: ‘THIS is what you need to do’!”


Tylar caught his first big break in 2016 when a Facebook post of his performance of “Stay A Little Longer” (Brothers Osborne) ignited. The digital attention landed him his first gig and the early and swift momentum reeled him in.


“I really love playing in front of a crowd of people and the connection. I was hooked.”


In a courageous leap of faith to chase his dream, three short years later, Tylar moved to Nashville in 2019.


The fun loving, hard working musician (guitar/pedal steel) prides himself in his authenticity and ability to infuse a mix of styles and sounds. Influenced by some of country music’s greatest voices and performers (such as Jim Reeves, Randy Travis and Chris Young), Bryant marries modern and traditional country sounds with rock and R&B grooves for an added twist.


“’I’m not in a lane; I like to change it up a little bit musically, and I think my music draws listeners from all ages who have an appreciation for ‘flavor.’  I have a personal appreciation for the instrumentation in my music, which is enlivened by the instruments that I love. I feel like my sound is produced simply, but it makes a statement.”


Tylar Bryant is a soulful country recording artist whose path took him on a journey to take the stage in the country music arena. Championing the challenge, where no one saw him coming, Tylar Bryant is a new contender here to stay.


“This was something I never even thought about or never thought I would do. To discover my passion and pursue it, later in life, is challenging and rewarding. You’ve got to believe it to be in it, and I’m in it to win!”






GENRE: Country
LABEL: Independent Riser Records
INFLUENCES: Jim Reeves, Randy Travis, Chris Young

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Media Contact
Kat Atwood
(615) 770-2994
21 Music Square W, Nashville, TN 37203

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